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To give you an idea of how solar applications be applied to Residential Homes and Business, we compiled this list of actual customers where we installed Solar Electric PV Systems:

City: Still Pond
State: Maryland

15.39 Kw Residential Roof Mounted System

These customers utilized their new Pole Barn Garage for their Solar Electric System. This system consists of (54) Solar World 285 Mono...

City: Lewes
State: Delaware

13.44 Kw Residential Roof Mounted System

This is a residential system. It consists of (48) SolarWorld 280 Mono All Black panels with a Fronius Primo 11.4 inverter. 

City: Rehoboth Beach
State: Delaware

22.4 Kw Residential Roof Mounted System 

This is a residential roof mount 3 array system with (80) 280w all black SolarWorld panels on the house and garage. They chose to...

City: Dagsboro
State: Delaware

8.55 Kw Residential Roof Mounted System

This is a residential system. It consists of (30) 285w silver frame SolarWorld panels with a Fronius Primo 7.6 Inverter. These customers...

City: Easton
State: Maryland

107.7 Kw Commercial Roof Mounted System

This commercial installation is the largest job Green Street Solar has ever completed. With a total of (378) 285w silver frame SolarWorl...

City: Milton
State: Delaware

24.4 Kw Residential Ground Mounted System 

This Ground Mount installation is (80) Lg 305w solar panels. This customer went from an average electric bill of $350 a month to...

City: Eden
State: Maryland

14.56 Kw Residential Roof Mounted System

A total of (52) 280w SolarWorld all black panels. With a sleek 2 array system, these customers were able to reduce the cost of their el...

City: Seaford
State: Delaware

14.0 Kw Solar Installation

This customer was able to practically knock out his entire electric bill using the sleekly designed Solar World 280w All Black modules. We were able...

City: Milton
State: Delaware

13.965 Kw Solar Installation

These customers decided to maximize the space on their roofs and was able to fit a good size system on it that will save the customers well over $1...

City: Lewes
State: Delaware

Solar World 320w Panel Installation

This residential barn roof mount solar system was installed with Solar World 320w panels and a Fronius Primo 8.2 Inverter. The customer deci...