Below is a list of our peroidically updated news, as they relate to us, our customers or to the solar industry:

Delmarva Power Green Energy Program Update 2015

We just received the following information on changes made to the green energy grant program:

Changes to the Delaware Electric Cooperative Solar Grant Program

We received the following notification today from the Delaware grant office:

Montgomery County suspends renewable energy tax credits (solar)

Montgomery County has suspended all renewable energy credits as of Tuesday's County Council meeting. Their current...

Good news for Delaware Solar Owners

In an effort to stabilize the market for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) Delawares Public Service Commission (PSC...

Is Maryland running out of money for Solar Grants?

It looks like it. In a letter sent 10/28/2011 to State recognized installers for Solar Systems in Maryland, Director...

Good news and bad news for the Green Energy Fund ARRA Relief Program in Delaware

There are some good news and some not so good news for this very popular program in Delaware:

Green Street Solar TV Commercial

In case you missed it, here is our TV commercial.

Maryland: County Property Tax Credits for Solar Panel Installations

If you live in the "right" county in Maryland you can receive a county property tax credit in addition to the...

Does the orientation or direction (azimuth) of a solar system matter?

This is another one of those questions for solar electric systems.

Delaware - Why are SREC Prices falling? What is the outlook?

Over the past few months SREC Prices in Delaware, Maryland and adjacent states have fallen or there were no sales.What...