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About Green Street Solar

Green Street Solar is devoted to providing grid-tied solar electric systems to houses and small businesses. We are a dedicated team of professionals that understands the needs of homeowners and small business property owners.

We specialize in only houses and small businesses, making sure our resources are devoted to individual projects all the time, not just when we aren’t chasing large industrial jobs.

Our pledge is to make Delaware and Maryland a greener place, one street at a time. Only by implementing solar electric systems to homes and small businesses can we create a cleaner and healthier place to live and work. We are happy to provide an alternative to fossil fuel-based power production.

Green Street Solar firmly believes that installing and maintaining solar electric systems is a localized business that requires local representation. We are staffed entirely by residents of Delaware and Maryland and have locations exclusively in those two states.

Green Street Solar is owned by Alutech United, Inc., a proud company since 1993, located in Delaware, just yards from the Maryland border.

We are proud members of the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA).